The Caring for Colorado Foundation and the Colorado Collaborative for Reproductive Health Equity is advancing equitable funding and resources to sexual and reproductive health organizations to communities across the state. The Collaborative centers children, youth, and their families to increase access to comprehensive services and sex (or health) education and sexual and reproductive rights.

The Rapport Approach


Rapport Studios led a series of design strategy meetings with the Foundation and the Collaborative to surface insights to inform visual communication, voice and tone, as well as basic messaging to create a Style Guide that is reflective of the mission of the Collaborative and the communities you serve. Additionally, Rapport provided training that explains the basics of the website and the importance of using consistent narratives and content to maintain a unified narrative.

In collaboration with the Caring for Colorado Foundation and their community of key informed groups (stakeholders), Rapport Studios provided services and expertise in the following identified areas of need:

Website Design: Rapport Studios worked with the Foundation and the Collaborative to design a website that serves as a platform that drives conversations, presents the work of the Collaborative, along with accomplishments and serves as a resource and contributor to the field of reproductive health equity. The site focused on engaging past, current, and future partners on potential projects; and highlights the values for equity and community in an authentic voice and clean web design. The site focused on engaging philanthropic leaders, nonprofits, clinical professionals and community leaders. Additionally, the site was built in an easy to manage CMS so that staff can easily access, update and design additional content on the site.

Example pages from the final branding