leverages Hip Hop and youth culture to develop core competencies in computational thinking and coding.

Services: Music, Video Production, Curriculum

CodeScty (pronounced Code Society) uses original Hip Hop music and videos to teach computer science concepts.

“Like Schoolhouse Rock for computer science.”

At CodeScty we use original hip hop music, videos & experiential activities to teach computer science and computational thinking concepts to young people. Imagine Schoolhouse Rock for computer science – but lit!

Our suite of content includes original music, videos, and curricula that provides a foundational understanding of computational thinking and technology, in preparation for more advanced computer science education. Our curriculum, accessible through our mobile app and website, includes our content, as well as a facilitation guide for bringing it alive in the computer science classroom.  Our goal is to transform young people from passive users of technology to innovative problem solvers and developers that can create the society they imagine.  In a soundbite, we teach how to think before learning how to code.

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